The Promise

by Mark Whitwell

The New Age movement has offered some solutions to the dissatisfaction of our materialistic lifestyles. But it too can encourage us to get caught up in impossible ideals. By seeking “enlightenment,” for example, we lose sight of the fact that we already have everything we need right in front of us, and inside of us.

Our breath is our intimate connection with ourselves. This body is in utter union with its breath. The body loves its breath. The exhalation loves the inhalation. Strength loves to receive within and without. It is easy.

There is no such thing as future enlightenment, to be searched for as if it were some kind of “impossible dream.” There is only the perfection of life that arises in each of us, from breath to breath. Ironically, in the very action of seeking spiritual attainment we fail to see this simple but profound truth.

©2011 Mark Whitwell