The Promise

by Mark Whitwell

Intimacy, love and sex are the sacred essence of life. They permeate and benefit every part of our lives. They are as essential and as vital as our breath. When we are well loved we inevitably offer love to those around us. It’s like having enough food or enough money for all our needs – we just naturally want to share. Cultivating intimacy is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and the best model we can offer our children and our community. And it’s what this book is about.

Intimacy is a power that lives and breathes within you. It is not somewhere else. It is not outside you, or beyond you, or out of reach. There is no seeking or searching or struggling required. You already are a living, breathing, perfect expression of life. You don’t need to realize it – you are it! Right here. Right now.

©2011 Mark Whitwell