The Promise

by Mark Whitwell

Happiness arises when we relax into the reality of our natural condition. And love, sex and intimacy are the essence of our natural condition. It is our natural state to love, to be intimate, and to enjoy great sex.

But often we don’t prioritize intimacy. Instead, many of us succumb to social pressures encouraging us to be sexier, richer, prettier, smarter. And sometimes it’s hard not to buy into to the idea that we just have to have that dream body, house, family and job. Surely everything would be perfect then, right?

In trying to live up to these ideals, however, many of us end up stressed-out, over-worked, in debt and in strained relationships. If we live as though money, career, religion or a dream body are more important than the intimacy that we naturally embody, then we are simply missing the point.

©2011 Mark Whitwell